01. Could you please [distribute] the answer sheets while I hand out the tests?
02. The [distribution] of food to the poor has been halted by government troops.
03. Alejandro's company is a major [distributor] of tequila in Europe.
04. Every Christmas, she works hard to [distribute] food and blankets to the homeless.
05. The memo should be [distributed] to everyone in the office before 3:00.
06. The birds are [distributed] evenly throughout the forested areas of the two countries.
07. Could you please [distribute] the test booklets while I hand out these pencils?
08. This backpack [distributes] the weight of what you're carrying evenly over your shoulders and back so that you can be comfortable even when carrying a heavy load.
09. Arthur Vandenberg once said that it is less important to [redistribute] wealth than it is to [redistribute] opportunity.
10. American Indian chief Sitting Bull once said that the white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to [distribute] it.
11. The human liver [distributes] chemicals produced by the digestive system from food that is eaten.
12. The bloodstream serves to [distribute] oxygen to all the cells of the body.
13. After the earthquake, food and medical supplies were [distributed] to all residents of the area.
14. The mountain lion, which has the widest [distribution] of any wild cat, is found from Canada to South America.
15. The American black bear is [distributed] throughout North America.
16. In 1979, a National Health Service that [distributes] free medical care was started in Portugal.
17. Highly unequal income [distribution] remains a serious problem in Brazil.
18. Harrison's is the sole [distributor] in our area, so we have to buy from them.
19. The rise in fuel prices will certainly cause an increase in our [distribution] costs.
20. She has a part-time job [distributing] advertising flyers for a local supermarket.
21. The European [distributors] for our Mexican hot sauce have been selling a lot of product.
22. Robin Hood stole the King's gold and [redistributed] it among the poor villagers.
23. The President of Zimbabwe supported the seizure and [redistribution] of farms owned by white farmers to the black population.
24. It took about two hundred million years for the continents to drift apart and produce the present [distribution] of continents and oceans on our planet.
25. During the seventh and eighth centuries, control of western Europe was [distributed] among the Lombards, Franks, and Goths.
26. One of the basic principles of [distributive] justice is that of strict equality, which holds that every person should have the same level of material goods and services.
27. The multiplication of numbers is [distributive] over the addition of numbers for a broad class of different kinds of numbers.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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